Thursday, December 17, 2009

Biohazard and H5N1 sign fear mongering in Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA

A sign spotted near Jacksonville , North Carolina, USA - says "Preparing makes sense, get ready now". The sign is causing a bit of controversy because in the first place it does not have H1N1 on it but the H5N1 which is bird flue. The sign also has a "biohazard" sign on it which has nothing to do with toxic waste, the second sign is a "evacuation route" sign that they use their incase of hurricanes.
The other thing people wonder about is why does this sign show in that area but the Jones County department does not cover that area. That is a minor issue. The real issue is what are they warning against? If they wanted to warn against swine flu they would of used H1N1.
In the sign business a sign like that will cost a few dollars to make and the space rented to put up the sign will also cost a few decent dollars so the excuse cant be that the design looks like that, either they are uneducated or they want to hype and drive fear in people.
Why are they showing a evacuation sign? Do they want people to be prepared to "evacuate"...?

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