Thursday, December 17, 2009

WHO Consistently Downplaying Dangers of Mutated Flu Strains

When it comes to the flu, the track record of experts who oppose the views of the World Health Organization (WHO) have been consistently correct in their facts and assertions. Simply put, if the WHO makes a recommendation, it must be opposed to arrive at the truth of the matter. The recent WHO announcements on flu mutations are an excellent example of this phenomenon.
Most people have figured out by now that we can trust the WHO as much as we can trust a baby to not spill milk. They have consistently used scientific fraud to conduct their policies on the H1N1 pandemic. Now, they are consistently downplaying what appears to be a virulent mutated or recombined H1N1 strain at least ten times the lethality of the swine flu observed earlier this year.
The agency recently reaffirmed its position that the pandemic vaccine is as safe as the seasonal flu vaccine. Meanwhile a surge of deaths in Canada and Japan and severe side-effects have been reported from the vaccine.
The World Health Organization said last week that the H1N1 vaccine had been completely cleared of blame for 41 deaths which health authorities worldwide had investigated after suspicions they might have been caused by the inoculation...

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