Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Cover-Ups in Ukraine: WHO Withholds Gene Sequences As Cases Double Again...

After infected cases double again in the Ukraine plague approaching the 1 million mark, the World Health Organization (WHO) is holding back gene sequences which could provide evidence of the mutation or recombination of the H1N1 or novel virus.
The numbers of cases from the latest update from Ukraine total 910, 640 hospitalized and Influenza cases (including acute respiratory illess). A total of 135 people have die according to official statistics.
More than half of the Oblasts and cities listed exceed the epidemic threshold, including Kiev and Kiev Oblast, raising concerns that the increase in case numbers will accelerate. Moreover, hospitalization of 39,603 raises concerns that the number of deaths will also accelerate.
Although the WHO has suggested that these alarming numbers may reflect sub-standard medical and housing conditions, the transmission rates suggest something far more alarming.
However, because the virus already has demonstrated an ability to cause fatal infections in a disproportionate number of children and previously healthy adults, small changes in the virus could lead to increases in viral load leading to an increase in cytokine storm frequency and hemorrhagic pneumonia, as reported for earlier cases.
The first deputy minister of Health in Ukraine said in a statement that they have a different H1N1 swine flu than the rest of the world, but no confirmed evidence has been released from the WHO....

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