Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mutated Virus Now Confirmed And Infecting Norway and Eastern Europe

The World Health Organization has stated that the H1N1 flu appears to have peaked in several countries around world, but it was moving rapidly east and north while a confirmed mutation is now threatening Norway and Eastern Europe.
Norway reported finding a mutated virus in three people who died or were severely ill. The mutation allowed the virus to grow deeper in the lungs.The mutation (called D222G) allows the virus to bind to receptors on cells lining the lungs, which are slightly different from those in the nose and throat.
Virologist Dmitri Tarasov stated "it is likely the exact same strain seen in fatal cases in the Ukraine, which means we can expect a similar case fatality rate in Norway, unless its replication rate has increased."
Tarasov suggested that the number of Ukraine fatalities have been grossly miscalculated by the World Health Organization (WHO). "The number of deaths simply do not correlate statistically with the infection rates observed."
The pneumonic plague observed in the Ukraine was quoted by some experts as being a new strain of flu many times more lethal than H1N1.
A recent calculation presented possible scenarios if the same mutated virus found in the Ukraine were to spread to Norway and other countries...

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