Saturday, November 7, 2009

Defending The Right to Poison

Until my dying breath I will never understand how adamantly people defend their right to inject themselves and their children with poisons — viruses and chemicals called “vaccines” — under the ruse that this slurry is harmless and will somehow keep them healthy.
It continually breaks my heart that people have to take a bullet to the head before they find out bullets can be deadly… and they wish they had listened when they were warned not to play with loaded guns.
I have a little person in my office who had 10 rounds of antibiotics and 17 vaccines by 20 months of age. Yes, now autistic. That should be assault with deadly weapons and the doctor should be in jail. Instead, the parents were kicked out of their pediatrician’s practice for refusing more vaccines and wanting to get their child well. With these annoying, non-compliant parents out of the way, that doctor can continue to do what vaccinators do: Inject toxic substances into children, ruining their health and the lives of the child’s family members.
Parents have had years to get informed; my books and DVDs have been available for years since 2002. Dozens of others have been trying to educate people for as long — or longer – than I have. Parents of vaccine-injured children have implored fellow parents to question vaccines and demand answers. More recently, very visible persons – Jenny McCarthy and Dierdre Imus – have warned about vaccines, begging and pleading with parents to stop — JUST STOP.
I get emails almost every day that say things like, “I got your DVD and your book…but I have a question: should I get a flu shot?” WHAT?@!>! My mouth drops to the desk and I have to find a way to nicely but firmly say, “No, you should not get the flu shot.”
That may seem harsh and pretty bold, but we are coming in to some very turbulent times. Soft language and hand holding is no longer in order. The stranglehold of fear, perpetrated by those in white coats and the medical bureaucrats in Washington DC who take their marching orders from pharma, continues. Funny how they can be the “experts” when it is obvious they don’t even understand – and probably don’t even read – their own medical literature...

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