Friday, November 20, 2009

State tries to deny homeschoolers vaccinations:"We're saving the vaccine for public school students"

Officials in at least one state have tried to deny children who are homeschooled access to the limited supplies of vaccine for the H1N1 flu, which federal officials warn already has affected some 22 million Americans.
Quick intervention by the Home School Legal Defense Association, however, has brought a solution for parents who do want their children vaccinated.
The denials of access took place at two locations in Virginia, according to a new report from the organization that works in support of homeschool students and their families.
In the southwestern region of the state, a mom brought two children to a public health department for a vaccination only to be told, "We're saving the vaccine for public school students"
Across the state, another mom checked with a local school district, which was staging a health event for vaccinations, about obtaining vaccinations for her children and was told the family was not allowed on the property....

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