Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vaccine Victim Desiree Jennings Viciously Attacked By Medical Establishment

Former Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings, the woman who suffered a paralyzing neurological disorder after taking a flu shot, has come under ceaseless attack from the medical establishment as well as websites acting as apologists for the pharmaceutical industry, who claim that her entire illness is a hoax despite the fact that her condition has been confirmed as genuine by numerous doctors.
The inserts on flu vaccines clearly state that side-effects can include nervous system disorders, many which are treatable, but pro-vaccine cheerleaders are claiming the Jennings story is a hoax because she has made progress in recovering from her illness. The only hoax here is the one being peddled by these mouthpieces for the medical establishment, who are trying to deny the manfestly provable fact that neurological disorders are a potential side-effect of vaccines.
Jennings was a fit and healthy cheerleader up until August when she got a seasonal flu shot. Ten days after the shot she began experiencing flu like symptoms, followed by severe convulsions and black outs. After seeing around 60 doctors, Jennings was eventually diagnosed with dystonia, a paralyzing neurological disorder that causes the muscles to relentlessly contract and spasm, causing extreme difficulties with walking, talking and general body movements.
Despite the fact that doctors who vigorously examined her condition at both Fairfax Inova and Johns Hopkins confirmed that she was suffering from dystonia, and that the cause of the illness was her reaction to the flu shot, numerous apologists for big pharma have ludicrously claimed that her story is a hoax and that her disease is imaginary, citing no evidence whatsoever and having had no contact with Jennings at all.
The chief culprit in erroneously circulating rumors that Jennings’ condition was a “hoax” has to be “The Inquisitr” website, a tabloid gossip rag that in-between obsessing about the vacuous activities of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, also thinks it has the knowledge to dismiss medical conditions by watching You Tube videos. On October 22, the website carried the headline, Cheerleader Flu Shot Girl: Hoax or Real? The story mentions that Jennings’ condition had been diagnosed by several doctors as genuine, yet still implies that the story is a “hoax,” citing no proof whatsoever. The agenda behind this becomes clear when the website lambastes “anti-vaccination nutters” for merely highlighting the case...

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