Saturday, November 7, 2009

Press For Truth continues coverage of H1N1 vaccinations in Toronto

The numbers are considerably down from just 4 days ago and now Canadian officials are ramping up their efforts to get people to take the shot by expanding clinics into the workplace and schools. Another tactic they are using is to claim that there is a shortage. This is a marketing technique which causes people to rush out and line up because of the shortage. You will see similar techniques used by companies like PlayStation and Nintendo. They claim that they can not keep up with the demand and the result is people flock to the stores to make sure that they get theirs before its all gone.The good news is the fact that they have to employ these tactics means that people are waking up more and more to the dangers of mass inoculations.
Press For Truth covers Day 1 of H1N1 vaccinations in Toronto…
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