Thursday, November 12, 2009

Serbia Declares Swine Flu Epidemic

Serbian Health Minister Tomica Milosavljevic has announced a swine flu epidemic in the country, meaning that nation-wide emergency vaccination can be carried out.
"This act.. is primarily aimed to establish legal requirements for emergency immunisations. Nothing spectacular that hasn't been happening these days will occur now that an epidemic has been declared," the minister said at a press conference Wednesday.
By declaring an epidemic, the government will also be able to prohibit public gatherings if deemed necessary, as well as give the power to authorities to carry out special epidemiological surveillance.
The minister said he took his decision upon the recommendations of the working group set up to monitor the A/H1N1 virus in the country
The country has registered 258 swine flu cases so far and eight fatalities. The Serbian government has provided additional funds to purchase three million doses of vaccines against the infection....

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