Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yuschenko and Martial Law on Behalf of WHO

On a cold, overcast December afternoon in 2004, I briefly met the Viktor Yuschenko, the Ukrainian President.(picture left)
He had been treated for poisoning at a hospital in Döbling and when he was released, he held a press conference surrounded by doctors and attended by scores of journalists.
Yuschenko stood there barely saying a word, looking haggard and with a bluish pallor: his face was pock marked and his hair was an unnatural colour; his eyes were full of mistrust and fear even though the private Rudolfinerhaus clinic held few threats.
Five years on, this shattered looking individual, who was once the head of a pro democracy movement, is about to proclaim himself a dictator.
Ukraine is the first country to come under the control of the WHO and the UN under the International Health Regulations 2005, and the reality is that Yuschenko and his Prime Minister Julia Timoschenko are just carrying out the orders from WHO and the UN when they suspend civic rights and democracy under the pretext of fighting a pandemic emergency.
Whatever is left of freedom in the Ukraine is about to be extinguished.
Elections in January are set to be suspended.
Demonstrations have been banned.
Political opponents have been prohibited from travelling inside areas put under quarantine.
Borders have been partly closed already.
Critics of a mass vaccination campaign are facing criminal prosecution and goal.
Huge swathes of land have been put under quarantine.
Plans are in the works for the forced vaccination of people with a toxic and untested swine flu vaccine.
The US government is planning to send nearly a million doses of the jab. a substance classified as a bioweapon, to the Ukraine by early December…..
Pregnant women and children are the first to be given the jab which Yuschenko using the twisted logic and lies worthy of the Nazi Propagandist Josef Goebbels has said must be administered to them to “protect their health”.
Tents belonging to Eurolab have sprung up in Kiev offering treatment against the flu http://ukrainiantranslator.blogspot.com/
Eurolab appears to be the diagnostic department of the German scandal-hit coporate giant Siemens in yet another private government partnership. http://clinic.eurolab.ua/en/eurolab/
Yuschenko has justified implementing martial law on behalf of WHO by the sudden appearance of a pneumonic plague in the western part of the Ukraine that appears to be artificially engineered...

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