Tuesday, October 20, 2009

German, Swedish doctors not keen on mass vaccinations planned for H1N1

Here are a few stories from the Flu Case website:
Famous Swedish doctor fired because of statements against the “swine flu” mass vaccination
Aftonbladet reports that the in Sweden famous Dr Annika Dahlqvist has been fired from her position because she has made statements against the mass vaccination of the Swedish population. She received no warning. Many Swedes listen to what this doctor says since she uses a lot of common sense and logical thinking. She is a big promotor of healthy living and diets, which contain low levels of sugars, to help loose weight – something which is debated in Swedish media.
” – No one spoke with me about this, I feel completely without legal rights”, she says. “- As I understand it, they have blocked me from taking any position within the public health system in the region where I live.”
Most popular German newspaper features top doctor’s warning over “swine flu” jab
One of Germany’s most read mainstream newspapers, “Bild”, yesterday reported a top doctor’s warning about the “swine flu” jab as the revolt against the mass swine flu vaccination campaign accelerates....
Doctors in Berlin refuse to launch massive swine flu vaccination campaign
Doctors in Berlin, Germany, have said they are not going to launch a massive “swine flu” vaccination campaign in spite of an “official recommendation” and instructions to do so from the government’s central vaccine committee....
Documents from the French Ministry of Interior ordering all members of the Gendarmerie to be given the “swine flu” jab have surfaced in spite of the French government’s insistance the jab will be voluntary.
The French Gendamerie is a military force comprising more than 100,000 personnel that carries out policing duties in more rural parts of the country.The Gendamerie was subordinated to the Ministry of Interior on January 1st, 2009....
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