Friday, October 16, 2009

Hopeful Redskins Cheerleader Ends Up With Neurological Condition After Vaccine

ASHBURN, Va.-Desiree Jennings thought it would be a good idea to get the seasonal flu shot. Her job offered incentives for it, and she didn't want to get sick.
Ten days after she got the shot at a Reston Safeway, she did get sick.
"I got flu-like symptoms -- nausea, vomiting, body aches, fever -- then was lethargic for a week and started blacking out," said Jennings, an AOL employee and Washington Redskins ambassador hoping to one day be a cheerleader for the team, the Loudoun Times-Mirror reported.
Doctors couldn't figure out why her ability to speak and walk were so adversely affected. She saw neurologists, physical therapists and psychologists....

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PS:This is simply OUTRAGEOUS....!!!!!!
Beware of VACCINE HYPE.....!!!!!
Learn the facts......!!!!!!
As in the days of Noah.....

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