Friday, October 16, 2009

Lawsuit seeks to halt US swine flu vaccination campaign

WASHINGTON-New York medical workers took legal action Thursday to halt a massive swine flu inoculation program being rolled out across the United States, claiming the vaccines have not been properly tested.
Lawyers for the group filed a temporary restraining order in a Washington federal court against government medical regulators they claim rushed H1N1 vaccines to the public without adequately testing their safety and efficacy.
"None of the vaccines against H1N1 have been properly tested," attorney Jim Turner, one of half a dozen lawyers working on the case, told AFP.
The complaint filed Thursday argued that far from preventing a massive outbreak of swine flu, the "live attenuated influenza virus nasal mist vaccine could trigger" an H1N1 pandemic.
"I don't know of another live vaccine for flu. So you have immediately a new problem you don't have with a killed vaccine," Turner told AFP.
Picture Left:A nasal spray dose of the H1N1/swine flu vaccine is administered to Ashley Marti, 9, at Montefiore Medical Center October 6 in the Bronx borough of New York City.
(AFP/Getty Images/File/Mario Tama)

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