Friday, October 30, 2009

Nine In Isère, France File Complaint About “Swine Flu” Vaccination Campaign On Grounds Vaccine Is Poisonous

The following is a translation of an article from Le Monde, which can been viewed here. It was translated into English by “Wozzy” of the Forum.
LeMonde Nine persons of Isère complaint filed against X. .., Friday, October 23 in Grenoble, denouncing the campaign of vaccination against influenza H1N1 as a “genuine attempt to poison” of the population, a first in France to be followed by other complaints , said their lawyer.
The complaint with a civil action, also filed for “attempted administration of substances (…) likely to cause death”, was delivered to senior judges of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Grenoble, said Jean-Pierre Joseph. The plaintiffs are nine residents of the Valley Grésivaudan, including a health professional, a radio host and teacher, who met in public meetings devoted to particular risks assumed vaccine against H1N1 influenza.
“The goal is to stop what we consider to be poisoning,” said Mr. Joseph. “The value of this measure is that people in France have a civic attitude and say publicly, we understand that the vaccination campaign is a scam,” said the lawyer.
For health authorities, the H1N1 vaccines entering the market are new products that may cause unexpected side effects, which will be monitored, but they believe that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks...

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