Friday, October 23, 2009

Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up the Volume Part 3

(NaturalNews) This article is part three in a six-part series. Be sure to read part two at
Public health officials now say they have quit keeping tabs on swine flu deaths because it is too difficult. A more likely explanation is that fear mongering would be impossible if they continued to announce the low rates of swine flu deaths and vaccine profits would take a nose dive. "It's absurd to panic about swine flu, especially since it won't cause severe disease in many people," says Juan Gérvas, Honorary Professor, Public Health, School of Medicine, Autonomous University in Madrid, Spain, in the September 21, 2009 paper titled, "In the Face of Swine Flu, Common Sense and Science," on the Healthy Skepticism website."The current WHO messages, which are increasing fear of swine flu is a form of disease mongering," he warns."We need a health policy of common sense and self-control," Professor Gérvas advises."The present messages by Governments, the WHO and the media focusing on the worst case scenario and the detailed description of each death is the completely wrong approach," he says....

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