Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swine flu and kids: Heed warning signs, MDs say

CHICAGO – Max Gomez was a bright-eyed 5-year-old happy to have just started kindergarten when he developed sniffles and a fever. His mother figured it was only a cold. Three days later, the Antioch, Tenn., boy was dead, apparently from swine flu. At least 76 American children have died from the new virus, and doctors are urging parents to watch for warning signs that the flu has become life-threatening.Ruth Gomez says Max developed dangerous symptoms — bluish fingers and extreme fatigue after seeming to get better — just one day before he died. She took him to the doctor, but it was too late."We were in shock," Gomez said softly, still trying to wrap her mind around her little boy's Aug. 31 death. "There are so many unanswered questions. What happened?"It's a question on other parents' minds, too: How can they protect their kids from swine flu until the vaccine is widely available?Swine flu has probably infected hundreds of thousands of youngsters nationwide, but deaths among children are rare. Health officials are keeping track of children's flu deaths, but they say it's impossible to count all flu cases. So they don't know what percentage of children's infections are fatal.Many experts say the H1N1 virus does not appear to be more dangerous than other flu strains, but kids have been catching it more easily than seasonal flu....
Picture Left:Ruth Gomez holds a photo of her son, Max, 5, in her Nashville, Tenn. home Oct. 8, 2009. The picture was signed by his kindergarten classmates after he died of swine flu Aug. 31.(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)
PS:More h1N1 Hype here...I really feel for the parents of this little boy that are still in shock while they're trying to understand what it all happenned to them.
But IF you carefully read what I highlighted in yellow--the wording of it--the fact(hightlighted in red)that Health Officials CANNOT COUNT ALL FLU CASES and also that health experts conclude the H1N1 virus doesn't appear to be more dangerous than other flu strains,it becomes clear as water that somebody is hyping the whole thing to put fear in people--specially in parents--as to send them in a massive stampede to the next "vaccine center" to roll up their sleeves and their children sleeves and get the shot...
IF Health Officials cannot count all flu cases in America,what can we expect from other countries...?I think this statement is deliberate...SO IF we do not know the fully impact of this virus WHY FRANTICALLY RUNNING IN FEAR to get vaccinated against something we don't fully understand or know yet--the H1N1 virus--with a vaccine that hasn't been tested enough...???
Beware of "official" propaganda....Know what IS "IN" the vaccine...Be informed and research BEFORE you get this vaccine or ANY OTHER SHOT....!!!!
As in the days of Noah...

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