Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Reversal of Reality: Publicizing H1N1 Vaccine Facts as Myths and Myths as Facts

How deflating it must be, for conventional medicine and public health officials to feel the noose tightening around their unscientific balloon of unfounded vaccine principles. Dovetailing media reports which attempt to counter H1N1 vaccine opposition are exploding across the mainstream media in a frantic effort to stabilize criticism.
In the past few months, it has been difficult to come across any H1N1 vaccine “facts list” or FAQs that does not attempt to dispel supposed myths and conspiracy theories about the vaccine. Ironically, the majority of myths and theories they attempt to dispel are usually facts and scientific truths which public health officials refuse to acknowledge. In addition, they ensure that their version of “facts” are filled with blatant lies and disinformation.
For example, after a quick review of myths, we find they don’t waste any time in stating facts as myths and vice-versa. “It is safe for children and pregnant women to receive a flu vaccine that contains thimerosal,” they claim. Thimerosal has damaging effects on cells of the nervous and immune systems.
The website also states that “there is no convincing evidence of harm caused by the low doses of thimerosal in vaccines, except for minor reactions like redness and swelling at the injection site.” Micromolar and even nanomolar concentrations have been found to cause significant damage. Is a nanomolar dose low enough for Perhaps all 76 of these studies which document the adverse effects of thimerosal would also be myths according to government officials. Notice provides no links to any scientific evidence to justify their claims.
In a interview below on “The Doctors” show, Assistant Surgeon General, Anne Schuchat’s fails to properly address the reality of H1N1 vaccinations and instead focuses on supposed “myths".

Other media outlets such as the Toronto Star are trying to parrot the same articles over and over again. A recent post on “Vaccine Phobias” was spotted one day after the other on Oct 30th and Oct 31st, both by the same reporter, Lynda Hurst. The article even attempts to discredit one blogger “whose normal subject matter is UFOs” she stated...

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