Saturday, October 3, 2009

Big Pharma Covering Up Deaths...?

A precious, innocent child’s life came to a cruel, sudden end. The Wall Street Journal reports that Natalie Morton, who died in England shortly following a Cervarix injection, did not die from the vaccination.The WSJ, in fact, almost appears to be swaggering behind its words. So you see, says the WSJ, no need to fear or stop the H1N1 vaccination program. There are pathology reports that absolve the vaccination and its maker. The HPV vaccinations are perfectly safe, as are the swine flu jabs. Thank goodness—I feel better already.The pathology report states that she had an undiagnosed condition that was “so severe that death could have arisen at any point.” What was that condition? A “tumour in her chest involving her heart and her lungs.” A tumor (don’t like the Brit spelling) that just suddenly lashed out at her and attacked and killed, after producing no symptoms of a cancer tumor whatsoever? Is there a single person who is dumb enough to swallow this very inadequate version of her death....?

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