Thursday, October 8, 2009

Could H1N1 vaccine also be a delivery vehicle to “micro-chip” the population....?

According to the story below, David Icke seems to think so. Thank you to the reader who sent in this story, which seems to be from one of David Icke’s email newsletters. This reader received it from someone else, who in turn received it from a third person who received it from a fourth person who I was unable to contact. Perhaps some other readers of the Bovine’s can shed light on the original source of these reports. The video below is of David Icke being interviewed for Project Camelot and is not directly related to this story.

“The main point of the mass vaccination is to implant nanotechnology microchips that will allow external manipulation of the body mentally, emotionally and physically – including the so-called ‘death chip’ that can be used to assassinate targeted people or cause mass extermination..."

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