Thursday, October 8, 2009

Glenn Beck’s Slick Propaganda Segment on the H1N1 Vaccination

On his show today, Glenn Beck covered the H1N1 virus and vaccine. He said he would not take a stand on if you should submit to the vaccination.
Beck asked his guests about the attenuated virus in the nasal spray version of the vaccine. Marc Siegel, M.D., who has written a book on the swine flu — and Fox naturally peddled, thus giving the audience the idea he is an expert — said the live virus in the vaccine is not capable of spreading the disease in healthy people. “No claws on it,” Siegel insisted, “it has been totally deactivated. It is alive and it can get you sick if you are immunally compromised or if you have asthma or you are pregnant. You can only take it if you are totally healthy. It cannot morph into the flu itself.”

It is estimated 60 percent of the U.S. population is immunodeficient in one way or another, but doctor Siegel did not mention this. He also did not mention concerns on the part of other doctors and health care professionals about the attenuated virus.
Siegel also did not say how health care providers will prevent the immunodeficient from getting the virus. Due to government and corporate media hype about H1N1, it is likely millions of less than healthy people will be demanding they be vaccinated...

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