Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Officials Tell Wary Americans:"H1N1 Vaccination Is Safe..."GET IT"....!!!!

Since April, when the H1N1 flu made its first appearance in Mexico and quickly spread to a worldwide pandemic, health officials in the U.S. have been promising to make a vaccine available as soon as possible.Now it's here, and there's a new challenge: getting people to take it.A recent poll by Consumer Reports found that two-thirds of parents plan to delay or skip getting their children the H1N1 shot altogether.Some believe the vaccine was rushed and not adequately tested. Others just don’t trust flu shots in general and avoid them each winter like the plague. But government officials say those concerns are irrational. H1N1 flu has hit children particularly hard — 36 youths in the U.S. had died from it through August — so they are advising parents very strongly to do what's best for their kids and get them vaccinated....

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