Friday, October 9, 2009

Pharmageddon? — Dr. Carley on the RFID chips dispensed by the special needles used to inject the H1N1 vaccine

Dr. Carley, with son Joey, who has been taken away from her, apparently because she dared to keep telliing the truth to people. Read the story at
“As you know, the Centers for Disease Creation is going to be unleashing the H1N1 pandemic this week via millions of LIVE viruses which will be sprayed up people’s noses in the witch’s brew named “Flumist”.
Once millions are infected and very sick, the shot version will be unleashed, targeting pregnant women and young children.
One of my clients, whose husband owns a medical supply company, called me today to tell me that he received a call from a government agent informing him that it is ILLEGAL for him to sell any syringes or needles to be used for the H1N1 shot, as the government has chosen one company to supply them (obviously because the needle will be preloaded with the RFID chip).
It is for this reason, as well as the toxic adjuvants (especially squalene) which will be in the WHO FLU shot, that you need to JUST SAY NO when instructed to roll up your sleeve.
There is NO way I know of to neutralize the chip, nor to detox an adjuvant made of a substance found naturally in your body…which will cause an epidemic of autoimmune disease.
Pharmageddon can only occur if you roll up your sleeve...!...
PS:I highly recommend that you will read the entire post.
A big thank you to the people at The Bovine for the articles and the info they had put together and for your kind words too....!!!
God bless You
As in the days of Noah...

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